Records Managers in the Public Sector – An inspiring definition

In a memorandum marking the beginning of an Executive Branch-wide effort to reform records management policies and to develop a 21st-century framework for government records management, President Obama said

“Records are the foundation of open government, supporting the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration. Well-managed records can be used to assess the impact of programs, to improve business processes, and to share knowledge across the Government. Records protect the rights and interests of people, and hold officials accountable for their actions. Permanent records document our nation’s history.”

This is one definition that would leave any records manager feeling slightly inspired instead of the usual perspective, where the description is along the lines of compliance-driven paranoia that often pervades vendor messaging in the records management industry.

On the contrary, this refreshing definition places records management at the center of public sector business and acknowledging their importance in protecting rights, fighting corruption, preserving history and building trust in public sector institutions.

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Approved Supplier for Contingent Workforce Scheme


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