About Us

At Zenith we are committed to helping our clients make the most of their library, information, records, knowledge and content resources by providing a complete range of high-quality, innovative and professional services.

Experienced Information Industry Practitioners

The Zenith Team is distinguished by a deep and expansive background in the information industry. Their specialist expertise in library, information management, records, archival and documentation management comes from a wide variety of fields. This means they have a fundamental understanding of all your information management needs.

This broad knowledge base is complimented by their skills as highly trained, professionally accredited, consultants.

Partnering With The Profession

Zenith is committed to the ongoing support, development and recognition of the information profession. Our commitment is served by a philosophy of partnership and collaboration.

At Zenith we strongly believe that a collaborative work practice provides the best results. When employing the services of Zenith, all our consultants work for you as a team.

Our collaborative internal work practices are mirrored in the partnerships we forge with all our clients, candidates and trading partners. By working alongside our clients and establishing long term partnerships, we believe we can provide more efficient, valuable and productive outcomes.

Our commitment to the profession and the ongoing professional development of our team is furthered by active participation and contribution to industry associations.

We are also proud to support and mentor young people entering the profession through the Zenith .


How Can We Partner With You?

If you would like assistance to source suitable candidates, library technical services, manage your records during a business transition or to simply receive our perspective on current market conditions it would be great to hear from you.