Careers Multi-List

CareersMultiList delivers to its clients the highest quality talent available via a franchise network of over 90 specialist recruitment companies throughout Australia.

Why Partner with a CareersMultiList specialist recruiter?

Whether your organisation is large or small, you need to find and secure high quality talent.

Local CareersMultiList franchise members such as Zenith provide the highest level of personalised service, recruitment experience and specialised industry knowledge.

Even better, they can help you tap into the largest pool of quality candidates in the region, via one point of contact.

Multiply your recruitment options

CareersMultiLists leading edge MultiListing technology can help Zenith flag your vacancy with over 800 consultants around Australia, if required. So no matter what and where your vacancy is, now you need only one partner for all your recruitment needs.

Substantial benefits for large employers

The innovative CareersMultiList Managed Supplier model provides tangible benefits for large employer organisations with diverse recruitment requirements:

  • Centralised access to a huge range of experienced, industry-specialist recruiters
  • A single contact point for job ordering, account management, reporting, invoicing and payment
  • Access to a greater volume of quality candidates via our unique MultiListing process
  • Performance management of standardised recruitment processes and service levels
  • A comprehensive range of Psychometric and HR support services
  • A single, competitive pricing structure, plus significant reduction of indirect recruitment costs