Library Technical Services

Zenith has been providing an independent cataloguing and shelf ready service for books and other library collection items since 2002. We offer a fast turnaround time for our competitively priced, high quality services. Being independent, we can work with you and any bookshop or library supplier.

Our policy is to provide a cataloguing and/or shelf ready solution to libraries that meets their exact and unique needs.  Our processes and procedures are designed with the flexibility to implement real time changes to specifications.

Our services include:
  • Original and copy cataloguing of materials in any language
  • Local holdings/shelf records directly into your Library Management System
  • 100% customised End Processing Service
  • Language script offered for languages in non-Roman script
  • Customised cataloguing such as tags to facilitate creation of shelf records
  • Distribution of items to a variety of branches according to your specified rules
  • On-site managed cataloguing teams (insourcing)
  • Other language services such as translation of library brochures
  • Consulting services on establishing digital or lending¬† libraries from current collections of materials
We provide:
  • A fast turnaround time from receipt of item to delivery
  • The ability to immediately implement any requested changes/amendments to your specifications
  • Accuracy in transliteration/translation/script work by always using language experts
  • Liaison with you, to ensure exact cataloguing and end processing specifications are met
  • Single services as required e.g. shelf records for materials from suppliers who do not offer this service
  • Volume discounts to large libraries or co-operative/collective groups
We can:
  • Work with either monthly standing orders or ad hoc projects or backlogs
  • Deliver items to addresses other than the invoice address, such as branch libraries
  • Accept materials from any library, book or audio-visual supplier
  • Customise invoicing to your requirements
  • Generate economies of scale and subsequent pricing reductions with library purchasing co-operatives
  • Find the solution that best meets your needs

To discuss in more detail please contact Julie Daw or Alison Watson on 1300 852 555 or